The Pink Fury

Nerds, artists, and lovers.

Boys are nice, but girls are better.
I love culture; fashion, music, etc.
I'm a mermaid.
Doctor Who, Adventure Time, Buffy, Pokemon, etc.
I'm a gamer.
I read, I write.
It's hard to find something that I don't like
....besides stupidity.


today I made soy wax candles with misslime— from scratch! The green ones are green tea and the red ones are tea rose. They smell and look beautiful~

(via midna-cackles-deactivated201303)

WOW!!! All it looks like a jungle over in the squash section of the garden!

There are already plenty of little zucchini, about 4 inches long or so.  As well as some blooms on the (spaghetti) squash plants.

There are lots of pea flowers and quite a few little peas as well as some that are almost ready to be picked!

Plenty of flowers on all the bean plants.  Also getting some flowers on the peppers, even the start of a tiny bell pepper.

All of the onions are also doing quite well.

Dunno a lot about how cucumbers grow… but it seems to be going slow though they are healthy.  Same goes for cabbage, but they are getting huge!

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