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I'm a mermaid.
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I'm a gamer.
I read, I write.
It's hard to find something that I don't like
....besides stupidity.

So… This is something I did last night; drank lots of Jameson and smoked a TON. And then Elijah started doing this…

Anonymous asked: How many pieces/bongs/etc do you have and what are their names? :)


I have had soooooooo many pieces over the years. In fact, I’ve just got a box full of pieces I don’t use anymore and I thought were nice once, but really weren’t that special.

The pipe I’ve had the longest is Pinky and the bong I’ve had longest is Odette.

I’ve got a large bamboo steamroller, called The Big Bamboo, and a tiny version called Little Bambino.  Got them at Hempfest 2011, definitely love the bamboo pieces.

There’s my pink bong that I got at Hempfest 2012, my friend got a dark purple version: Bubblegum and Marceline.

And there’s my crazy intricate, thick, glass pipe, Coral.

My favorite piece of all time, was Iris, however she is recycle now… and my first perfect, little, pipe, Tadpole, was taken by the cops and his sister, Mango, broke in the sink.

sakurablossom4 asked: How many kinds of weed have you smoked? (like the different names) :)


Wow… I think I could write a novel with just the names of different strains! Only a few that I really remember though… I mean… I’ve been smoking for a LONG time hahahahaha. 

Grape Ape

Sour Diesel


Jack Herer

Northern Lights

Plushberry Ace

James Van Der Beek (yes, I’m serious)

Lemon Haze

Purple Haze

SPD (Seattle Purple Dank)


Green Goddess

Black Cherry Cola

The list goes on… and on… and on… but that’s all I can remember for now, that I know I’ve had before, all pretty recently too. When I first started smoking, I didn’t care about stuff like that. Then I got to the GOOD stuff and started caring, a lot.  So I don’t think I could remember every strain I’ve ever smoked haha.

sakurablossom4 asked: I love your weed posts! XD If we lived near each other we could get high and ramble on about Adventure Time and other fandoms for hours XD


Hey thanks! My blog is really just stuff I like that I hope other people might appreciate as well.  And I LOVE weed, so there’s a lot on my blog hahahaha.

You seem like a super awesome person!  I’m basing this on your like of my posts and the fact that you like to smoke and talk about nerd stuff.  The latter is one of my most favorite activities :)

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